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All about Herr teppich

Art, Beauty, Durability

Herr teppich Brand joyously showcases an impressive selection of rugs and tapestries, all made entirely by hand and sourced from nature. Our stock comprises an extensive array of genuine, exceptional designs and styles from different nations like Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and more. This assortment covers both classic and contemporary oriental rugs, featuring a wide array of detailed patterns, unique motifs, and modern designs.

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When you invest in a handmade rug or artisanal item, you're not only acquiring a masterpiece, but you're also immersing yourself in a world of history and culture. You're participating in the progress of this cherished craft and gaining from the potential value-added investment in this industry.
Be confident, herr teppich Brand provides genuine and high-quality products. You have the option to exchange all your purchased items for new and varied models at any time.


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Get to Know Us

  • 10-year assurance of authenticity and quality on all herr teppich Brand products.
    Exclusive certificate of product authenticity for all herr teppich Brand items.

  • Flexible return policy for all herr teppich Brand products.

  • Choice to exchange your purchased item with different models for herr teppich Brand subscribers.


  • Personalized services for various designs, including logos, portraits, landscapes, historical sites, or custom-made designs, all meticulously handcrafted.
    Additionally, we offer the exclusive creation of custom designs tailored to customers' preferences, utilizing exquisite materials like silver and gold threads. This includes registering the design under the customer's name, with options for limited or unlimited production.

  • Our services encompass the cleaning and preservation of valuable tapestries, rugs, and related artifacts, overseen by our expert team and herr teppich himself, both locally in Switzerland and worldwide, ensuring guaranteed results.

  • We provide unique services to interior designers and decorators for customized rug designs based on color palettes and desired themes.

  • Furthermore, we cater to museums, collectors, and antique rug owners, ensuring the cleaning and preservation of valuable, old, and precious rugs with necessary guarantees and commitments.

  • Capture the essence of your living or working space with our photography service. Share your space's decor with us, and we'll present you with a range of designs, colors, and models from the herr teppich Brand collection before making a purchase.

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Art, Beauty, Durability

There’s so much in store

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